Rowan University
Rowan University Programming Contest
hosted by the Computer Science Department
our 33rd annual contest was Friday, 3 May 2019
Directions to the Programming Contest

The roadways in front of Robinson have been changed due to construction. The entrance from Bowe Boulevard to the University no longer goes through to Robinson. You will have to go over to Carpenter Street and turn in on North Campus Drive. You can no longer drive directly up to the front of the building. There is a loop where vehicles, including cars and school buses, can turn around, but it does not go up to the front of the building anymore. The current maps and satellite photos online do not yet reflect these changes.

One easy way to get directions is via this link to Google Maps.

If you are using a GPS, the Acme Mapper says that the location is N 39.71081 x W 75.12008. The road in front of the building is called "Robinson Circle", which some GPS locators may recognize.

Robinson Hall is building #9 on this map.

The University also has other useful information on the Maps page, including printable maps (as PDFs) and driving directions.

Here's a picture of the building, so you'll recognise it when you get here:

Robinson Building at Rowan University