Seth D. Bergmann - Compiler Design Textbooks

I have published a textbook on Compiler Design. Designed with undergraduates in mind who have difficulty with the so called "Dragon" book, it was first published in 1994 by Wm. C. Brown Publishers, and was then distributed for a year by Richard Irwin Publishers. I have recently obtained the copyright and am now distributing this book myself.

This book used Pascal as a base language (though lex and yacc examples used C functions) and incorporated a case study compiler for a subset of Pascal.

I have recently updated this book to accommodate users who are using current languages:

These books, and the accompanying software, are available at no charge, as long as you do not attempt to sell them for profit or gain. All I ask is that faculty notify me if they have adopted it for use in a class. Feedback is welcome, as I continue to revise this material.

To obtain both text (in pdf format) and source files for the case study, select the appropriate language below: