Compiler Design by Seth D. Bergmann
Information for Users

This web site contains the C/C++ version of my textbook: Compiler Design: Theory, Tools, and Examples . The textbook is available as a pdf file, and includes 7 chapters, table of contents, index, glossary, appendices, and bibliography.

Anyone is welcome to use this textbook and the accompanying software, free of charge, as long as they do not attempt to sell them for personal profit or gain. I request that university professors notify me if they have adopted this textbook for a course in compilers.

I have class tested this version several times, but some errors may persist. Please email me with corrections, whether they be trivial typos, or major mistakes.

Solutions to the exercises are available to university professors. Professors who have adopted this book should email me if they are interested in receiving a copy.

Seth D. Bergmann
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ

July, 2012