1994 paper p43-crichlow.pdf by Joel Crichlow describes the COPAR (formerly HADS) algorithm.

2002 paper repman1.pdf describes the Java implementation imported from UWI to Rowan.

2004 paper coparciit04.pdf describes the Java implementation at Rowan.

2006 paper coparXML.pdf describes the input data in the XML format.

2008 paper reliefDistrCOPAR.pdf describes the Java version that implements multiple resource types.

Report 2008report.pdf on COPAR activities during Stephen Hartley's sabbatical leave fall 2008 semester.

2009 paper 668-025.pdf describes work done on COPAR by Sharda Beharry of the University of the West Indies to improve accuracy and availability.

submitted 2010 paper Finding and Fixing a Flaw in the COPAR System.