Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System (RIS) 2.0 Installation Instructions for 311 Lab (Windows XP Hyperthreading).

This worked on machines P1 and O4 through O9 on 3/18/04

Jennifer Kay

NOTE: To install this software you need a Lego USB transmission Tower.

  1. Install the regular software from the mindstorms CD. When it asks you for maximum or minimum, pick maximum (we don't want the students to need a CD when they run the software).
  2. When it completes, tell it you don't want to reboot yet.
  3. Exit from RIS, remove CD.
  4. Download and unzip
  5. Double click on RIS20XPPatch to run it.
  6. Download (into a different folder) and unzip
  7. Double click on Setup for that patch.
  8. Plug in the Lego Mindstorms USB transmission Tower into the USB port. Let it auto-install (your drivers will be found in the files extracted from the file.
  9. Restart the computer
  10. Run the lego "Robotics invention system" software. When you get to the part where it asks you to install batteries in the RCX, select cancel, and then select yes to indicate that you know you won't have downloaded the firmware.
  11. Quit from the program.
Believe it or not, you've done it!