SIGCSE 2011 Robot Hoedown & Rodeo

Watch a news report about the event on CBS 11 News in Dallas

Watch our overview of the event video.

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View a pile of SIGCSE robot videos on youtube

Watch some videos uploaded by wranglers (people who brought robots) and ranch hands (participants) of individual demos

Watch videos of the tutorials and & wrangler demos

Videos of the grand finale:

Robot Hoedown & Rodeo's Response to Senator Coburn's Mention of our Event in his Report on the National Science Foundation

Democratic Staff of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology's report "OUT OF FOCUS," A critical Assessment of Senator Coburn's report

Overview: What's this all about?

bullet Summary Table of Robot Breeds, Chow, & Challenges (Hardware, Software, & 15-60 minute suggested programming tasks)

bullet Directions to the Robot Corral (Live Oak Room)

bullet Post Event Survey (take it and be entered in a prize drawing to win one of two $50 gift cards!!)

bullet Event Schedule (includes optional live tutorial sessions, robot corral open hours, demo times, etc.)

bullet Watch Videos that your fellow cowboys & cowgirls have made of their robot wrangling, or make one yourself, upload it to youtube or some other site, and then add your link to our list.

bullet Information on Doing your own Demo (and being entered in a prize drawing to win a $50 gift card or an iRobot Create Kit!!)

bullet Information on Taking Part in the Grand Finale (and being entered in a prize drawing to win one of two iRobot Create Kits!!)

bullet Prizes (Did we mention you can win prizes!!! Check out the details here)

bullet About the Wranglers & Trail Bosses (the people who are generously loaning you their robots and those organizing this event)

bullet Information for Wranglers

bullet Information for TAs