When you study physics (or other science and engineering fields) in graduate school, you will likely not have to pay tuition and fees.  Many times you are hired to be a teaching assistant or research assistant.  The money that you earn is enough to cover your tuition and fees and housing and living expenses. However, there are several graduate fellowships that are available to support your graduate study.  These grants typically provide more financial support.  Please talk with your advisor to see if you would be a competitive applicant for a fellowship.


List of Nationally Competitive Graduate Fellowships

(sorted with month of submission deadline)



Website listing Graduate Fellowships for Minorities and Women



Examples of a few:

Be sure to check deadlines. Deadlines listed are not guaranteed to be correct.


National Science Foundation (deadline is discipline specific: range is Nov 15- Nov 22, 2010)

National Phys Sci Consortium: (
online application typically opens Aug 25 and closes Nov 30)

National Defense Sci and Engineering: (deadline Dec 17, 2010)


Hertz Foundation Fellowship award (deadline Oct 29, 2010)


Department of Energy Office of Science (deadline: Nov 30?)


Ford Foundation Fellowship (deadline Nov 1, 2010)