Rowan University
Rowan University Programming Contest
our 28th annual contest was Friday, 11 April 2014

Since 1987, the Computer Science Department at Rowan University has hosted a high school programming contest to give the most talented computer programmers in the area a chance to compete for prizes, fame, and fun.

Most competitors are from the Philadelphia area, including New Jersey, Delaware, and southeastern Pennsylvania. The programming contest is open to public and private high schools; if your homeschooling association wants to put together a team, you are welcome to compete.

The competition has adapted over the years, as programming languages have changed, county colleges have adapted their own programming contests, and the University and Computer Science department have grown.

The languages currently supported for this year's programming contest include Java, C++, Python, Visual Basic, and QuickBasic. (Other languages can be accommodated if necessary.)

A complimentary continental breakfast and lunch will be served.

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Problems from earlier programming contests can be downloaded for those who want to practice.