Rowan University
Rowan University Programming Contest
hosted by the Computer Science Department
our 33rd annual contest was Friday, 3 May 2019

(This document should be considered tentative.)


Participants in the Rowan University Programming Contest must be students currently attending high school, or (if homeschooled) doing high-school level work.

Supplies and Materials

The university will provide PCs (either IBM or Macintosh) and printers for the participants.

The university will provide Java, C++, Python, Visual Basic. Competitors may use their own programming environments or languages, which should be brought and installed on the day of the contest. Due to security mechanisms installed on University computers, any tools to be installed on our machines must be cleared with the contest director no later than 30 March. Competitor-installed programming tools must be deleted at the end of the contest.

Assistance will be available for the operation of the hardware and the use of the programming environment.

Students should provide their own supplemental texts, manuals, and calculators, as questions concerning the programming or debugging of their problem will not be answered. Security will be provided; however, the University cannot take responsibility for damage or theft of these materials.


All students participating in this year's contest must compete as part of a team. Teams will consist of up to two members. The problem will be structured such that a team consisting of just one individual may find it difficult to complete the challenge in the time allotted.

A faculty advisor must accompany participants, or a parent in the case of homeschooled students.

Participants will work together on their individual solution for 2.5 hours. Each team is responsible for the design and implementation of their solution.

Students should submit their solution electronically, as well as a printout of the program and its output. Programs that are incomplete will be scored by the judges and given partial credit.

Solutions that are turned in and evaluated by the judges will become the property of Rowan University and will not be returned.

The judges' decisions are final.